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HYMO UK can manufacture a wide range of customised Work Positioners as well as commercial "off the shelf" and custom scissor lifts and material handling solutions covering a wide range of services to suit both small business and industrial applications.

Everything we build is designed and manufactured for your safety according to British Standards and ISO 9001 standards.

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Please contact us if you need a Bespoke Work Positioner.

Work Positioners allow you and your staff to work on a project from different heights, and when required, from different angles.

Any Size & Weight

Hymo UK can build you almost any size and weight Work Position Lift you may require.


With the larger industrial sized unit like the images above, specifically designed safety rails and other safety features can be built into your project at your request.

Custom Built

HYMO UK can custom build your lift project according to your work requirements. Even if you have something strange, call us today and see how we can help you build your business.

Operator Lift

Some larger work positioners may often be referred to as Operator Lists. We also make these.

Design, Manufacture, Install

Hymo Lifts UK have a strong team of experienced professionals who may be able to assist you with your scissor lift design and we are very happy to work with your architects regarding weight bearings, lengths, UTS, aesthetics, ISO and British Standards and DDA compliance etc.

No Architects ? - We can help

Hymo Lifts UK can also assist you with the design of your lift project if you do not have architects available, we can design and build your project and where applicable, assist with the installation.

Bespoke or Off the shelf

Whether you need help a special bespoke scissor lift project created or something more standard, like our "Off The Shelf Range" Scissor Lifts, please contact our helpful and experienced staff today to discuss your needs. If you need the best Scissor Lift Manufacturer in the UK, please consider Hymo Lifts UK first.


HYMO UK can take care of the maintenance for you as part of some warranties or you may have qualified staff who can be trained to service your equipment when required.

Either way, Hymo Lifts UK is just a quick phone call away if you need help.

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