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What Is A Lift Pit or Lift Well ?

A lift well or lift pit is a specially dug hole into which the lift is "housed".

The examples above and below have the Lift Well or Lift Pit highlighted in flouro-yellow for your convenience.

Internal Lift Well

If the scissor lift is housed inside the building, the first and second pictures below shows how the lift can be lowered and used as valuable real estate or for storing items.

There are less OH&S problems as well by having safety rails around the scissor lift to prevent people falling over the small side guards.

External Lift Well

IF the lift is kept outside the building (externally as in the third picture below), the ability to lower the lift into a pit or well after use, is the best way to protect the lift against damage or vandalism.


It is essential that you have excellent drainage for both units. Any excess water inside the Lift Well can be a nightmare to remove if drainage is not available.

Water in the Lift Well will result in damage to the lift and equipment and parts. It will also degrade the life of the lift.

Needless to say that in the UK, drainage outside should be one of the first things considered.

Internal Lift Well - Up
Internal Lift Well - Down
External - Lift Well

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