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Hymo Registered No 911607 England.

Years of experience

For over 50 years, HYMO has developed and manufactured a wide range of scissor lift tables to meet the ever changing demand of the market over the years. Today, HYMO UK is one of the UK's leading suppliers with an unrivalled reputation for safety, quality and reliable finished products.

Setting the standard

For many years Hymo has set high standards of performance with our range of scissor lift equipment whilst enhancing safety in the working environment and helping to reduce the OH&S risks associated with manual handling.

OH & S benefits

Better OH&S means happier employees, less accidents, lower insurance rates, greater productivity and higher profits for companies which pro-actively think ahead.


It would be completely true to say that many thousands of companies throughout the UK and the world, daily rely on HYMO quality scissor lift products to streamline their productivity.

Typical applications involve the use of HYMO equipment to support operations within the manufacturing, processing, printing, wheelchair access, mechanical, warehousing and distribution industries to name a just a few. In these and many other various applications, well designed and built HYMO lift tables provides unparalleled performance and reliability in the handling of numerous products weighing from 500 Kg up to 50 tonnes.

Versatility and flexibility

HYMO UK offers you the flexibility to customise any of our lifts.

Committed to after sales service

Product quality is complemented further by a nationwide after sales service provided by fully trained and experienced engineers. This support enhances comprehensive parts and labour guarantees on all equipment to ensure maximum productivity throughout long working lives.

Accreditation & quailty

Hymo 's (UK) commitment to quality has been recognised with our ISO 9001 accreditation.

All products bear the CE mark and meet the standards in accordance with EN 1570 which together with an active R&D programme and CAD design techniques, is helping HYMO UK to maintain its position at the forefront of the industry.

HYMO scissor lifts

Whether you need an "off the shelf" scissor lift or something specifically and especially designed to your personal company needs, HYMO UK can almost certainly help you from the concept, design, manufacture and even installation stages.

Please contact HYMO UK today to see how we can help your company grow.


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