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  Welcome to Hymo Scissor Lifts  

Hymo Lifts UK is one of the UK's premier scissor lift manufacturers.

For over 60 years Hymo has helped our customers design, manufacture and install all kinds of functional scissor lift solutions across the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

We offer a huge range of basic or customised scissor lifts from DDA compliant Wheelchair Lifts and Platform Lifts, through to bespoke industrial lifts and Stage Lifts.

  Specialist Knowledge  

Hymo Lifts UK may also be able to assist you with our highly specialised knowledge in overcoming critical technical and other logistical design and construction problems.

Our custom built scissor lifts and material handling solutions have helped many 1,000's of businesses achieve greater productivity - the result of more than 50 years of experience working with companies, possibly like yours, to create or enhance their material handling solutions.


The precision of our products provide you with safe, reliable, accurate positioning every day on assembly lines and automated production processes in thousands of companies around the world. Hymo Lifts UK offers you practical and safe solutions you can trust.

  Safety & Quality  

Hymo Lift's skillfully designed scissor lifts offer you increased quality, enhanced safety, & a better, more efficient easier OH&S working environment for your staff thus allowing your company the potential of greater productivity & increased profits to grow your business.

  More than Scissor Lifts  

Hymo Lifts UK may be able to assist you with the design, manufacture and installation of your scissor lift or material handling project,* please contact Hymo Lifts UK today to see how we can assist you to grow your business.

  Hymo UK & Hymo Europe  

Aside from Hymo Lifts UK, the HYMO Group has strong operating sister companies in Sweden, Germany, France and The Netherlands as well as dozens of independent distributor representitives around the world.

Scissor Lift Tables
Scissor Table Lift

Hymo Lifts UK can design, manufacture and install custom designed scissor lifts and goods lifts etc using regular steel, high density steel, galvanised and stainless steel.
Tilt Tables
Tilt Tables

Hymo is brilliant for those who need a table applications where special tilting baskets etc greatly improves ergonomic benefits thus allowing better productivity.
Custom Scissor Lift
Custom Scissor Lift

With over 50 years experience, Hymo Lifts offers highly specialised knowledge in solving lifting and materials handling problems throughout the UK and Europe.
Wheelchair Lift
Wheelchair Lift

Hymo UK can supply all types of scissor lift applications from industrial applications through to aesthetically pleasing, custom built DDA access lifts.
Bespoke Car Lift
Car Lift

Hymo car lifts are so well designed that you think they are part of the furniture. Regardless of how tall or heavy your workload is, please contact our professional team today.
Material Handling
Material Handling

Hymo can offer a wide range of materials handling equipment across a wide spectrum of industry. Scissor lifts may also be fitted with conveyors or mobile bases.
Work Platform Lift
Work Platform Lifts

Want to avoid OH&S production problems with staff ? Work platform lifts increase productivity. Want happier staff & increased production ? Hymo can help. Call today.
Mobile Scissor Lift

Some lifts need to be mobile in order to complete their mission. Hymo can consult, design and manufacture almost any bespoke lift project you need from 500 Kg up.
Platform Lift
Platform Lift

Single scissor lifts, tandem scissor lifts or even more complex designs, Hymo Lifts UK can almost certainly help you complete your vision and increase productivity.
DDA Disabled Lift
DDA Wheelchair Lifts

Hymo UK can custom manufacture a wide range of Disabled Lifts to better service your business or facility. All of our disabled lifts meet strict DDA 2016 compliance.
Trolley Lift
Trolley  Lift

Hymo trolley lifts are brilliant for fast, light, mobile requirements. Weight range from 150Kg up to 500Kg. Above that you will need a powered assisted version.
Goods Lift
Goods Lift

The Hymo lift displayed shows you a typical Goods Lifts. Hymo also offers affordable "surface mounted" internal or external goods lifts for those on a budget.
Heavy Duty Lift
Heavy Duty Lift

Whether you need to lift a plane, train, automobile or ship, contact Hymo UK first to see how our experience and expertise can assist you with your scissor lift needs.
Stage Lift
Stage Lift

Hymo Lifts UK can design, manufacture and install your stage lift what ever the size from a School auditorium to an Opera House. Contact us today for professional help.